Since using bait for hunting bears is prohibited in B.C., we are hunting in our areas by means of pick-up trucks, ATV and riverboat or as spot and stalk hunt. This method of Black Bear hunting needs of course much more personal input and efforts, than the method where it is allowed to use bait and of course this has its reflects to the prices we have to charge in B.C., if compared to prices in other parts of Canada where bait hunt is allowed. With our method of hunting Black Bears we can also take into consideration the condition of the guest hunters, so we can provide an easy, as well as an exhausting hunt, just what the guests pleases more.

Because of the high quantity of Black Bears that will be sighted, we can select upon the quality of the fur, size and color.  About 80% of the Black Bears are really black, whereas the remaining 20% vary from dark brown over cinnamon to blond.

Every guest hunter can acquire two Black Bear licenses, where success for a second bear is very likely.

Information Detail
Seasons Spring hunt : 1st of April until 15th of June
Fall hunt      : 15th of August until 15th of November
Hunting days 6 days with an 8 day stay
Costs Can $ 5000,= for 1 Black Bear and Can $ 6200,= for two Black Bears  
Hunting licence fee
Species licence fee
Can $   180,=
Can $   180,=
Trophy fees Can $ 1500,=
Guiding 2 : 1
What’s included Transfer from and to Fort S. John airport.
All necessary transportation during the hunts.
8 day stay at our lodge or forest cabins with full service, excluding private use of alcoholic beverages.
Available dates Spring hunt :  8 – 15 May, 15 – 22 May, 22 – 29 May, 29 May –  5 Jun, 5 – 12 Jun
Fall hunt      :  15 – 22 Aug, 22 – 29 Aug, 29 Aug – 5 Sep, 5 – 12 Sep, 12 – 19 Sep, 19 – 26 Sep, 26 Sep – 3 Oct, 3 – 10 Oct, 10 – 17 Oct
Other dates are available on request.