The Bull Moose, the most majestic member of the deer family with a shoulder height of about 6,5 feet, a live weight with an average of about 500 kg and with an average antler size of about 50/60 inches, represents a trophy every hunter wants in his possession.

We offer Moose hunt as combination hunt or as a single species hunt. Hunting season starts in August and the hunt can be carried out from a stand situated near a lick or on a well used trail, by means of ATV, riverboat or as a spot and stalk hunt.

To have the best possibility to success to a Bull Moose, a hunt from late September until November is recommended. The Bull Moose we find in all our hunting areas.

Information Details
Seasons 15th  of August  until 31st  of  August :  all Bulls
1st of September until 31st of October: Spike-fork Bulls, three points brow palm or totally ten points antler incl. brow palm
Hunting days 10 days with a 12 day stay
Costs Can $ 6000,=     
Hunting licence fee
Species licence fee
Can $   180,=
Can $   250,=
Trophy fees Can $ 2500,=
Guiding 2 : 1
What’s included Transfer from and to Fort S. John airport.
All necessary transportation during the hunts.
12 day stay at our lodge or forest cabins with full service, excluding private use of alcoholic beverages.
Available dates All bulls                                 :  20 – 31 Aug
Specified bulls (see above) :  1 – 12 Sep, 12 – 23 Sep, 23 Sep – 4 Oct, 4 – 15 Oct, 15 – 26 Oct
Other dates are available on request.