Bickford Wilderness Adventures Ltd. was established by Gerard van Rens in August 2009 as an outfitting company with a possibility, mainly for foreign hunters of big game, to go hunting in Canada B.C. He, a Dutch hunter who has been hunting big game for already many years in Germany commented his action as follows: “I only took the offered opportunity to more or less realize a boys dream.”


“Since many years I had the wish to go to Canada or Alaska to hunt for moose and bears and when this opportunity occurred, I acquired the hunting rights that cover some parts of the outfitting area 7-31( Pine River Outfitters), where in one of those we find Mt. Bickford, after which the outfitting company was named”. The position of the parts is indicated on enclosed map, whereas the eastern part is situated in the lower part and the western parts in the higher part of the east side of the Rocky Mountains. Since the western parts are rather far ( 125 km ) from the lodge, hunting cabins will be built in those parts, so a return to the lodge for the night is not necessary, since the night can be spend in these hunting cabins, with at least 5 hunters.


In the eastern part there are already two of these hunting cabins available. The total surface of the areas is approx. 550.000 acres or 220.000 hectares.

The guests will normally be staying in the lodge, located at 1728 Highway 29 North in the Moberly Lake District near Chetwynd BC, where there is a possibility for hosting up to 10 hunters at the same time, with also special separate facilities for eventual female hunters.

Hunting in Canada B.C. with B.W.A is possible for most big game present in BC, such as Moose, Elk, Whitetail and Mule deer, but also for Grizzly bear, Black bear, Mountain Goat, Cougar, Wolf and Coyote.


The company has employed experienced hunting guides who have already been guiding in and thus are familiar with the territory. The company is also equipped with one of the best new atv’s and snowmobiles available on the market, to be able to take the guest hunters where ever needed during their hunts. So far we have ready 8 stands from which 5 are of the size that the night can be spent in it by the guide, with up to two guest hunters. In 2011 we have planned to extend the quantity of the stands up to at least 12 units, all new stands to have the possibility to spend the night in.

“Because we have not yet been operational since the establishment of the company,  some of the picture’s in the attached trophy gallery are taken in the years before the hunting rights were acquired, but taken in the areas where we are going to hunt. However, to give you an impression about the wildlife that we find in our hunting area’s we show also some of the pictures made by trail cameras and all of them taken in our areas”, is Gerard’s comment to the picture galleries.

First class treatment

The guests who are booking their hunting trip at Bickford Wilderness Adventures, can be sure that they are getting a first class treatment, with first class food and that no possibility will be left out to ensure the success of their hunts, although every hunter knows that there is no 100 % guarantee for success!!

We hope to see you in the Moberly Lake District soon!!!!!!