As you can see on enclosed map we have three hunting areas (printed in red) in outfitting management unit 7-31, west of Chetwynd.

The biggest, most eastern part, in which the Moberly Lake is situated, has Highway 29 as a border to the east. The property with the lodge is situated at the eastside of this highway, so directly touching to the hunting area. This part is located in the lower parts of the Rocky Mountains.

The other two more western parts are situated in the higher parts of the Rockies, of which the most northern part has its northern border at the Williston Lake. The other, most western part is also located on the eastern slopes of the higher parts of the Rocky Mountains.
In these two western parts we are going to build hunting cabins so the guide with the guest hunter(s) can stay overnight in the hunting area, without having to turn back to the lodge. The first cabin is planned to be built in the most western part and shall be ready in July 2010 while the second cabin in the most northern part is planned to be ready September 2010. The possibility to stay in these cabins will be possible just for one or more nights, but even for a whole 8 day hunting period for the guide and the guest hunter(s).