Shooting distances are in the range from 30 to 300 meters. Larger distances we prefer not to

take a shot. At shooting ranges up to 80 meters we are often obliged to shoot very quickly and free standing. Before starting the hunts the accuracy off the rifles and the shooting capacity of the guest hunters are checked at our shooting range. We advise the guests to bring their own rifles with quality scopes (as long as they bring sufficient result) since these are familiar in the use, and to bring at least 40 pieces of ammunition with the same charge number.

Rifles with calibers 7×57, 7×64, 8×57, 30-06 or .308 Win. normally are sufficient with their results regarding the impact energy at 100 meters. A magnum caliber does not automatically give a better result if one is not used to these heavy recoils. As a preparation to the hunt we advise to practice the free standing shooting. For guests who prefer not to bring their own weapon, we will provide one of our rifles with required ammunition free of charge.

Not hunting accompanying persons

Not hunting accompanying persons are very welcome. Especially during the spring hunts it is no problem at all to take part in the daily hunting tours and often an extra pair of eyes is very welcome.

During fall hunts the situation is rather different. When hunting by foot every extra person is a disadvantage. However, there are of course some persons who can move through the forests without making any noise! Also when hunting from a stand an accompanying person would not be any problem in most of the cases. If the accompanying person(s) are not taking part in the hunt every day, a separate program can be offered in agreement. The cost for a not hunting accompanying person is Can $ 125,= per day.

Booking includes

  • Transfer from and to airport at Fort St. John.
  • Lodging including all meals, non-alcoholic drinks etc.
  • Guided hunting
  • Personal care before and after the hunt
  • Selection of taxidermy for preparation of the trophy
  • Personal advice by planning and preparation of the hunting trip
  • Personal advice for possible touristic activities before or after the hunt.

Reservation, booking and payments

If you have become interested in the given information and the offered hunting dates in our outfitting area, we would be very glad to inform you in a personal meeting.

Half of the basic price of the selected hunt has to be paid as a first down payment at the booking. The second half of the basic price, together with the license fees should be paid in cash or by means of a credit card at arrival in Canada. Trophy fees and eventual extra costs, not included in the basic price, have to be paid at the end of the trip in cash or by means of credit card in Canada.


All mentioned prices on the website are all excluding 12% Canadian GST.