The lodge is situated on a property of about 75 hectares, directly at Highway 29 North at number 1728 in the Moberly lake district, just at the north-west point of the Moberly Lake, where the highway turns up north to Hudson’s Hope. The lodge has its own current supply by means of a generator set, while for heating there is a gas operated heating system.

The lodge has more than enough facilities to host up to 10 hunters at the same time. When female hunters are present, they have the possibility to use separate facilities!

The manager and Chief guide Manfred, is also a very good cook and he, together with some helpers prepare the breakfasts and dinners by using the meat of the game that has been captured by the hunting guests.

Plans for building a hunting camp on the property with cabins in which the guests hunters can stay on their own, will be realized during the next two years, starting this year with the preparations.