At the moment we have 8 stands ready, but all situated in the eastern part. Also in the eastern part we have already two hunting cabins where up to 4 people can stay during the night, or even for some days.

However the plans are, to build still this year before the fall hunt starts, another new 5 stands divided over the two western hunting areas, so these can be used during fall hunt. Al new stands will be of the size that at least the guide with up to two guest-hunters can stay in it over night

Also in each of the western parts there will be build  a hunting cabin in which up to 5 people can stay for some days or even for the complete hunt. These hunting cabins are planned to be ready in September 2010.

The new stands will be placed of course near to a lick or to a well used game-trail, so there will be a very high chance to have a successful hunt.